About Us

About us

Our company begins its first clothing retail outlet at JOHOR BAHRU, NUSA BESTARI since 2007 and soonest has created newly brand “VLOVESTYLE” clothing product in the local market.

Our great sales achievement has encouraged us to expand the business by opening 10 branches which are strategically located at JOHOR BAHRU .

Why choose us?

-We bring to you the most affordable price and make sure there is zero compromisation in quality.

-Every items in our collection is handpicked and brought to you, you can shop with confidence.

-We have a wide of products that will fulfil your fashion clothing needs.


公司成立于2007年,当年在Nusa Bestari Johor Bahru开设了第一家服装实体店后,过后并在当地市场创建新品牌   “VLoveStyle”。

VLoveStyle的卓越成绩,推动了我们在JOHOR BAHRU区里拓展到10家门市后,为了让JOHOR区以外的朋友都能买到我们实惠漂亮的衣服,我们现已开拓了网卖路线。




Our mission


Let every ladies can dress up beautiful and confident every day with affordable price.

VLOVESTYLE 打扮没负担,实惠又好看